How to Caulk

Even the least experienced caulk user can get a perfect bead of caulk in a fraction of the time without the MESS!

3 Steps to Achieving a Perfect Bead of Caulk:

1. Cut the tip square- not at an angle. This results in a smaller hole and more control over the bead of caulk. A hole the size of a straightened paper clip is ideal. Keeping the bead as small as possible is a very important part of getting that perfect bead.

2. Use a drip-free caulk gun. This prevents the continued oozing of caulk from the tip, allowing for easy stopping and starting. Be careful not to leave any gaps while keeping the width of the bead as even as possible. Resting the tip on both surfaces and keeping the gun at a 90 degree angle will force the caulk into the joint and at the same time allow you to see where you have been and where you are going (by holding at a 90 degree angle you are neither pulling or pushing the bead). For hard to reach areas like behind a toilet or around a sink you may want to consider using a squeeze tube of caulk. Again, cut the tip of the squeeze tube square keeping the hole the size of a straightened paper clip.

3. Use CAULK-EZ to smooth the caulk bead. Mist CAULK-EZ over the bead of caulk holding the nozzle 4 to 6 inches from the surface. Use medium pressure to smooth the joint. CAULK-EZ prevents the caulk from smearing or sticking to the adjacent surfaces and any excess caulk wipes easily off your finger. Keep in mind that the caulk will not stick after CAULK-EZ is applied so always smooth your horizontal beads before your vertical beads to eliminate over spray and insure the caulk will adhere to the seam.

As recommended by Today's Homeowner with Danny Lipford, for the best protection use 100% silicone caulk .
100% silicone offers the best protection in high moisture areas like around the tub, sink, shower or exterior windows and will not stain, shrink or crack. Keep in mind that it is not paintable but there are now a number of colors available. Remember CAULK-EZ works on all caulks and will offer that same perfect bead when you use the other caulks.

Caulking a joint

1. Caulk

Apply a thin bead of caulk.

Spraying caulk-ez over the bead of caulk

2. Spray

Mist bead holding nozzle 4-6 inches from surface.

Wiping the bead of caulk with finger

3. Wipe

Smooth caulk using finger or caulk finishing tool with medium pressure.