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  • How does it work?
    Once the caulk bead is applied, CAULK-EZ is misted over the bead and the adjacent surfaces creating a slippery surface so that the caulk bead can’t smear and widen when tooled. Best of all, any excess caulk doesn’t stick to the adjacent surfaces and wipes easily off your finger or the tool used to smooth the bead.
  • Is CAULK-EZ a type of caulk and does it come in different colors?
    No. CAULK-EZ is a clear, odorless aerosol caulk tooling aid the enables the user to get a perfect bead in a fraction of the time without the mess.
  • I’m already pretty good at caulking, why spend the extra money?"
    Speed. CAULK-EZ pays for its self several times over by saving you time in both tooling and clean up. CAULK-EZ will also give those that may struggle with caulking the extra confidence they need to get a perfect bead without the mess in a fraction of the time.
  • Will it work with all caulks, even 100% silicone and polyurethanes?"
    Yes, It’s true, even 100% silicone and polyurethanes. We challenge you to give it try and we’re confident that you will be pleasantly surprised!
  • Where can I buy Caulk-EZ in Canada?
    Due to Federal regulations CAULK-EZ cannot be mailed across the US border through the postal system or other small parcel carriers. However, CAULK-EZ does have a distributer in Canada. You can find CAULK-EZ at their multiple locations or order it online by visiting their website at
  • Is there a shelf life for Caulk-EZ?
    While there is no guaranteed shelf life, CAULK-EZ has been known to last for years in an undamaged can.
  • Is it safe to use on all surfaces?
    Yes. CAULK-EZ is a water-based product that will not stain any surface it is sprayed on or any adjacent surface such as cured paint or wall paper. Additionally, paintable surfaces remain paintable. (Please note: When caulking next to unsealed brick or concrete CAULK-EZ may be absorbed into the unsealed material and not give the protection needed to keep the caulk from smearing.)
  • Will CAULK-EZ slow the drying time of the caulk?
    No. CAULK-EZ doesn’t affect any of the attributes of the caulk.
  • What about any residue that may be left? Do I need to worry about cleaning my caulking job before leaving job?
    No. CAULK-EZ dries clear. Any residue that may be left is not noticeable and easily wipes clean the first time the owner cleans the surface.
  • How can I get a copy of the Safety Data Sheet (SDS)?
    On our Documents page found HERE.
  • Why/How is Caulk-EZ better than using soap and water or mineral spirits.
    As they say “The Proof is in the Pudding”. While other products may aid in wet tooling caulk no other product offers the special additives that are found in CAULK-EZ. The special additives create an even slipperier surface than other products containing surfactants (soap). Using CAULK-EZ ensures the user that no caulk residue will be left on adjacent surfaces. Unlike products such as mineral spirits or denatured alcohol, CAULK-EZ is odorless and won’t harm the caulk or adjacent surfaces. Convenience! CAULK-EZ is an aerosol that will not spill or leak and offers as much coverage in a small 4 oz. can as found in a 16 oz. bottle of other products. The 4 oz. can easily fits in a shirt product or work pouch so that it is right there when you need it.
  • Do I still need to tape the joints prior to applying the caulk?
    No! CAULK-EZ actually works like a spray on tape. Once you lay the bead of caulk you spray CAULK-EZ over the bead an adjacent surfaces. Once on the adjacent surfaces CAULK-EZ works just like the tape keeping the caulk from sticking to the surface. This eliminates all the excessive time wasted putting tape down on each side of the joint to be caulked. Using tape will also leave a raised edge on the caulk when the tape is removed. Using CAULK-EZ leaves a very smooth edge resulting in a very professional looking finished product.

Frequently Asked Questions

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