“Do it right the first time.  CAULK-EZ makes a perfect bead.  We use it all the time with great results.”

Davinci Stone
351 N. Mitchell Street
Boise, ID 83074


“After years of trying solutions and sprays on our caulking, CAULK-EZ allows us to tool any type of sealant with perfect results.  Our clients love the product and so do we.  Thanks guys!”

Federal Tile


“CAULK-EZ does everything they claim it does and is extremely fast.  Our installers all think it is one of the best products they have ever used and don’t forget to have it on their trucks.  Thanks.”

Mike Gladstone
GCI Solid Surface Countertops
12300 Automobile Boulevard, Unit 1
Clearwater, FL 33762


“We are so pleased to have found the perfect product!  Previously we would spend 45 minutes masking, applying silicone caulk and cleaning up an average kitchen countertop installation.  With CAULK-EZ, we do the same job in 5 minutes or less with better results.  CAULK-EZ saves us money on each and every job.”



“As a fabricator/installer, we are always looking for efficiencies and tools to make our finished product the best possible. CAULK-EZ saves our installers caulking time and we appreciate it!”


"We had an installer who used denatured alcohol and assumed that's all CAULK-EZ was.  I gave him a can to try and he has come back for 5 more cans.  He said it worked much better than his old method.  Great product!"

Steve Gloudeman
21st Century Tile


I specialize in Bathroom Remodeling and use mainly silicon sealants which
are always a challenge to use. I use CAULK-EZ which is remarkable and lives up to all its claims. These people did their homework! I am a perfectionist and I have always tried to create the perfect bead of caulking which is smooth and professional in appearance. CAULK-EZ allows me to deliver a professional looking result with ease of tooling and clean up. Thank you.” 

Colin Gill


“I have been using CAULK-EZ since I discovered the product about one year ago.  I absolutely love the product.  We get a much better caulking joint in a fraction of the time that it used to take.  It is the easiest and most effective way to caulk in countertops and backsplashes that I have ever tried.  This product has made it very easy to do very professional looking caulking job with no smears or mess in half the time.  Better looking end product in a lot less time, and so easy anyone can do it.  It is a no brainer.  I think it is an excellent product.”

Matt Semler
Clear Choice Countertops Inc.

Industry Associations and Institutes using CAULK-EZ in their national training programs